Facial Treatment


Our facial treatment is a service from our experienced staff that scrubs and exfoliates for a fresh and smooth appearance. This service exfoliates all of the dirt and toxins to brighten and tighten all facial wrinkles after the first time. This gently cleanses the facial skin using a moisturizing rinse and non allergenic skin care products.

Reduces sagging cheeks and dark spots for a white and smooth soft face. You will feel the difference it makes.

3,800฿ / 120 Min. Booking  

Is a collagen treatment suited for very dry skin that reduces wrinkles and evens out skin tone while rejuvenating. You will notice a difference after the first time.

1,590฿ / 90 Min.  Booking  

Helps reduce skin pigment melanin and is an anti-ox- idant. For smooth and supple skin with results after the first use.

1,290฿ / 90 Min.  Booking  

Helps revitalize your eyes, reducing wrinkles dark circles and under-eye bags via use of our gold mask and massage.

790฿ / 30 Min.  Booking  

Facial Mask Gold

Whitens and moisturizes skin

790฿ / 30 Min.  Booking  

Facial Mask Collagen

Smooths and whitens dry skin for a more vibrant appear- ance.

790฿ / 30 Min.  Booking  

Facial Mask Whitening

Cleans and brightens skin

790฿ / 30 Min.  Booking  

Exfoliates pores and removes blockage. Eliminates dirt and ex- cess oil inside of the pores. Uses a vacuum machine perfectly sized to suck out pore clogging dirt and excess oil.

1,000฿ / 60 Min.  Booking