After Songkhran, you might feel as if your kind feels dry or damaged, even if you spent most of the day soaking wet.  But even in just a patch of sunlight, your skin is vulnerable. After the festival, some of the powder can cause common problems, including chemical burns, irritations and rashes. To avoid these annoying problems after the water fight ends, here are some tips to get your skin feeling healthy and fresh.

  1. Sometimes we apply sunscreen on before we get in a water fight, but we don’t use enough—ore we neglect important areas, such as the face, the neck, the forehead, nose and cheekbones. These areas are often the most exposed and need the most care. Use a damp towel, ice water or a cold gel to dab the affected areas. Treat these areas for at least 10 minutes to reduce irritation and sooth sunburned skin.
  1. Wash your face with a gentle foam with cold water for 2-3 days after the festival. Do not use facial wash with scrubbing beads or particles as it can scratch or cause skin inflammation. Stop using these products until your skin heals completely.
  1. If your skin is sunburned, avoid using cosmetics, including whitening creams. Do not use products that contain AHA , which will make the burns feel worse. Avoid facial treatments while you have sunburns because it can cause permanent damage or spots on the skin.
  1. Use aloe vera. This plant has many amazing benefits for health, weight loss and healthy, radiant skin.
  1. Your suntanned skin will eventually return to its natural color within 6 months to one year. To get back to your original color faster, use creams that contain fruit acids, but avoid acidic Vitamin A. Sunburns can lead to skin peeling on the surface. Avoid acne treatment, which can dry out the skin and cause additional peeling. But no matter what you do, you must use moisturizers and sunscreen everyday or your skin may stay darker permanently.

Although we feel like our skin returns to normal after a sunburn, sun damage is often permanent. It causes wrinkles and dark spots. To prevent skin damage from the sun, eat plenty of antioxidants help maintain healthy, younger-looking skin.

You should remember to take special care of your skin, such as doing vitamin C treatments, which help reduce melanin pigmentation and help prevent free radicals. Treatments will help make your skin look brighter and brighter. If your face is very dry,  Maria treatment will help restore youthful-looking skin, because it is deeply revitalizing. There are a variety of spa treatments to choose from. Visit a spa where experts will help recommend a treatment that is perfect for your skin.