Anti Cellulite Treatment

Many women suffer from obesity problems including excess weight and a cellulite. All of these problems can be eliminated simply by participating in spa treatments .


Paraganco with high -quality ingredients delivers fast results. Uses mixture of paraffin petroleum gel and sea mud (Sea Mud) rich in minerals.


Sea mud cools and expands in the pores to stimulate blood circulation . Eliminates toxins in the skin. Refreshing results can be seen after the first time.

  • Eliminates edema
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Smooths and stretches skin
  • Helps eliminate fluid from the body Eliminates cellulite
  • Help tighten loose skin
  • Eliminate toxins in the skin


Anti Cellulite Treatment included 45 minutes massage, 30 minutes in G5 machine and 30 minutes of electric body wrap blanket to help remove excess fat and cellulite on stomach, hip and thighs.

2,000฿ / 90 Min. Booking